TellDunkin Survey – Free Donuts –

TellDunkin Survey: Dunkin Donuts is a Popular restaurant for its service for its donuts, iced beverages, and bagels. This survey executed to make sure of sound and consumer relationship management. This food chain is popular among other chains of food in this field.

TellDunkin Survey – Free Donuts

Dunkin donuts restaurant has increased their restaurants up to12,000 over the world. And also, they serve around 70 varieties of donuts. This Dunkin donuts restaurant is situated in 45 countries. approximately It serves 1.9 billion coffee cups of iced coffee and hot. And also, it serves 2.7 billion Munchkins and doughnuts across the whole world.

TellDunkin Survey - Free Donuts -

  1. Know consumer satisfaction:

The crucial factor is Customer satisfaction when it comes to the company’s economic performance. This is the better way to know sales increases.

  • Feedback is vital in taking the next decisions:

These plans are basically based on past performance. Getting feedback from the consumers helps Dunkin’s donuts to improve their food quality as according to the consumer’s wish.

  • Aids to retain consumers:

A satisfied consumer visits the restaurant again and again. And, the unhappy consumers will find the alternative to leave out the business. Consumer feedback helps you to find if the client is satisfied and also tells you where a business requires to be improved.

Essentials to enter in the Dunkin Donuts Survey:

  • Criteria of Age:

The age criteria to enter into this TellDunkin donuts survey is only about 18 years.

  • store number or Survey code:

The original receipt of Dunkin Donuts restaurant receipt which you get while having food from the Dunkin donuts restaurant. There is also code which is the survey’s code that is encrypted on the receipt. This survey code is essential as it is required to enter online to end the survey.

You can also enter the survey by using a store number except for the survey code. There is also a store number option available for their customers.

  • Validity of the receipt:

You need to Entry into the survey within 3 days from the date of purchase for participating in this Dunkin donut survey.

  • Fast and quick internet access:

For completing the survey, customers must have fast internet access. For this survey, there is a need for a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

What consumer will get from this survey?

About Every ten members in the Dunkin Donuts shop is a Dunkin Donuts gift winner. This is the way Dunkin donuts attracts its consumers. After completing the successful survey, the user will get the either as below,

  • Customers will get a coupon code that is redeeming that consumer will get a free donut or 3 oz soft-serve ice cream using which consumer can get a medium or large size beverage.
  • Customers will also get an opportunity to be a part of the sweepstakes. This will give you a free coffee for the full year or a special prize.

Various ways to enter Dunkin Donut’s Survey:

  1. Sign up for the perks program of Dunkin donuts.
  2. Buy gift cards online
  3. Answer the survey
  4. Utilize the survey code which is encrypted on the receipt
  5. Wait for Dunkin donut day


As in this way, Dunkin donuts are famous and they conduct surveys for doing improvisation in their service and staff.

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