www.prepaid.bipetrebates.com Activate Card

www.prepaid.bipetrebates.com: Animal health care is also an important thing to look at. To provide your pet better and great health care you should definitely get your hands on the prepaid bipetrebates card. This prepaid bipetrebates card will help to provide your pet health supervision at regular intervals.

www.prepaid.bipetrebates.com Activate Card

The prepaid bipetrebates card is introduced by a noble platform that is working wholeheartedly to provide the best medication, in making vaccines and in many other health care sectors. The brand also has collaborated or is in partnership with well-known hospitals, private veterinary doctors and needs, and also with various medicine stores.

www.prepaid.bipetrebates.com Activate Card

Animal medicine can be costly at times. Getting the prepaid bipetrebates card makes your payments a bit better. The prepaid bipetrebates card provides you various offers and rewards while purchasing or making payments with your prepaid bipetrebates card. You can now start doing great savings on your animal medication with the help of a prepaid bipetrebates card.

prepaid.bipetrebates.com Activate Card

The prepaid bipetrebates card allows you for having rebates on all of the medical payments. Once you have used the prepaid balance of your prepaid bipetrebates card then you would apply again for the new prepaid bipetrebates card.

Most Important requirements if you want to apply for a prepaid bipetrebates card:

There are some of the requirements or the eligibility criteria that you would require to fit in if you get the prepaid bipetrebates card. The requirements are listed down:

  1. You must have bought any of the veterinary products from any of the veterinary clinics. You must have purchased veterinary products for at least any one animal. You can purchase products for more than one animal but is necessary to fit the requirements criteria. You can also check out various brands which are in the collaboration with the prepaid bipetrebates card on their official website. The prepaid bipetrebates card’s official website address is bipetrebates.com.
  2. If you have made your purchases but don’t have the receipt of the eligible or authorized animal clinic or of the shop then your purchase won’t be valid. Thus, you cannot get the prepaid bipetrebates card. A receipt is a must-have thing. A digital receipt will also work. By submitting the receipt you will be receiving an offer code. If you have lost your receipt card in the worst case you can also reprint your receipt from the place you have shopped earlier. As every clinic and shop keeps a duplicate one with them. You can scan the receipt and submit the corresponding printout of the receipt.
  3. A rebate form will be sent to your provided mail. The rebate form is an important thing. You need to provide the same mail on the customer information page while making your purchases. After you successfully purchased you will be receiving another rebate form in your mail. Keep the scanned copy with yourself for your future reference.

www.prepaid.bipetrebates.com Activate Card

How to activate your prepaid bipetrebates card?

The activation procedure of the prepaid bipetrebates card is the simplest one. We have provided below all the necessary steps that need to be taken for the successful activation of your prepaid bipetrebates card.

  1. Take any of your electronic device that is available to you and connect to a good providing internet connection. Open the browser on the electronic device. Type the official activation website address of the prepaid bipetrebates card and then click on the search or the okay button. The official website address is bipetrebates.com. Once you click on the search icon it will lead you to the website home page.
  2. In the 2nd step, you need to type down the offer code that is present in your receipt easily. Type down the right offer code and move to the next step.
  3. In this step, you will be asked for the date of your purchasing the products. Most of the receipt gets printed with the date itself. Provide the right date at the right place and moving on click on the okay button or the continue button.
  4. In this step, you are requested to post or upload the receipt of your recent purchases. You are required to submit the scanned copy in the form. The scanned copy will work as proof of your purchases. You can submit a total of four receipts of your purchases.
  5. In the next stage, you will be asked certain details about your personal identification. Fill out the right information in the right blank. You may have asked for details about your first name, last name, your SSN i.e. social security number along with some other required information. Check out the submitted information twice before proceeding.
  6. After you have finally checked out all the details. Click on the submit button present to successfully complete your prepaid bipetrebates card activation procedure.
  7. Clicking on the submit button will take you to the last page or the thank you of the website. The page will also show up your tracking number. Through the tracking number, you can track the process of your prepaid bipetrebates card. You can also check out the terms and conditions of the prepaid bipetrebates card in the TAT section. After you have successfully completed all the steps, your prepaid bipetrebates card will get activated. The prepaid bipetrebates card team will also send you a notification mail.


It is one of the best cards to have for the animals. You can keep a check on your prepaid bipetrebates card by visiting the official site. The official site is https://www.boehringeringelheimpetrebates.com . Once you have logged in you need to click on the card account section. It will directly take you to a face where you would need to input your prepaid bipetrebates card number and then click on the submit button.

Now, it will take you to the page where you can have a look at your prepaid bipetrebates card details. The prepaid bipetrebates card provides you great offers for animal medication, treatment, and other things. It’s a must-have for all pet owners.

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